Why choose us?

Navigating the immigration system can be challenging; you may want help on that journey, and if you seek professional assistance, you want to know that the professional(s) you are entrusting with your application are skilled, licensed experts in the immigration field. You may have heard stories about “ghost” consultants who disappear after collecting fees with promises of immigration through a program that may or may not exist.

The internet and other media will show you advertisements for many immigration consultants, registered or non-registered, offering their services. So how can you select the right firm or consultant? It is of utmost importance to check the references and company background and verify if the representative is a member in good standing with the regulatory body.

Can-Imm Solutions has the professional skills and licensing necessary for you to trust us with your case. Our team carefully assesses potential clients’ eligibility to match their credentials with available immigration programs. Once the assessment is complete and it is certain that the potential client qualifies, we then recommend the procedures to follow in order to make a successful application.

Our team assists our clients in preparing, submitting and representing their applications from the initial assessment until a final decision is reached.

We work to present our clients’ cases in the most professional and convincing way possible to ease the job of the immigration officer or staff responsible for implementing Canada’s immigration policies.

We strive to match our services and fees with fellow practitioners of equal experience and the highest reputation in the immigration industry to ensure that our prices are more competitive, never compromising on our high standards to deliver.