Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications


Ms. Tyyebi has over 27 years of experience in handling H&C cases in successfully filing for Permanent and Temporary applications.

Under the section 25 (1) of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, individuals who meet certain criteria are granted permanent residence in exceptional cases that fall under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds category.

These cases are assessed individually on a case-by-case basis by the immigration officers considering the hardship in returning to the home country, absence of appropriate Medicare, establishment, community involvement in Canada, best interest of children in Canada and abroad. This means, there is not a strict set of program criteria.

Officers consider your case to decide if your circumstances are outstanding and extraordinary enough to make an exemption on the basis of Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds.

The officers have great discretionary decision-making power which allows them to consider the case on its merit following the examples set by the precedents of case law by the Federal Court. Such as Baker, Kanthasamy, Vavilov etc.