Express Entry

The Express Entry system was introduced in January 2015 and has completely altered application management to expedite the process. It is not a new immigration program; instead, it is a new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada. The federal skilled worker selection system remains unchanged, with the same point system; eligibility criteria for skilled trades applicants and workers with Canadian work experience also remain the same.

The Express Entry system covers the following:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • the Canadian Experience Class, and
  • some provincial nominee programs.

Under the Express Entry system, eligible individuals are requested to submit their profile to the CIC. Out of this profile pool, candidates may be invited to submit a formal application for permanent residence.

Understanding the nuances of this new system can be challenging if you are looking to apply for permanent residency. With countless rumours and misconceptions abounding, it would be safer to let the experts handle your case, since an incorrectly done application could harm your prospects of getting permanent residence in Canada.

Some applicants who have applied previously and been unsuccessful may consider applying again with a false understanding that they can succeed now. This is not the case, as the criteria remain the same. If you were not successful prior to January 2015, chances are you would not qualify now unless your circumstances have changed. A valid job offer by a Canadian employer is not a requirement to apply to the new selection system, but it will strengthen your application by giving you more points if you are accepted into the Express Entry pool

With the implementation of this new system, the Canadian government seeks to improve the efficiency of the application process and speed up processing times to help with Canadian labour market shortages. This does not mean that the process is now easy. All supporting documentation will be subject to intense scrutiny and will need to be 100% accurate. This documentation entails a long list of work history, personal details and other vital information which must be completed carefully and to the highest standard possible. Any inaccuracies contained within your application forms or documents can seriously harm your chances of gaining permanent residence.

Trying to navigate the world of Express Entry alone can be extremely difficult, especially without expert knowledge on Canadian immigration. Our firm can make the whole process smoother and much more manageable, saving you time and ensuring that you have the best chance of succeeding.

Please contact us to determine if you are eligible to apply under this system, or if you are eligible under any other category. For your convenience, we have prepared an initial questionnaire posted on our website to enable us to assess your eligibility; in addition to this form, you may send us your latest detailed resume.